World of Wearable Art™ Awards Show 2015

Thursday 24th September - Sunday 11th October 2015

The World of WearableArt™ Awards Show is an annual, non-stop spectacular held in Wellington, New Zealand. Artists and designers from New Zealand and all around the world enter garments that are presented in a unique two hour show.

Pre-Show Delight:

Check into one of our beautifully appointed hotel rooms and treat yourself to a delectable Two Course Pre-show dinner at our award winning Hippopotamus Restaurant. This will leave you enough time to make your way to the TSB Arena where the visual delights will take over.
  • Add on your Two Course Pre-Show dinner to any accommodation booking for an extra $60 per person (available from 5:30pm - 6:30pm).
 *The World of WearableArt Awards Show dates - Wednesday through Sunday from Thursday 24th September to Sunday 11th October..
 *The World of WearableArt Awards Show not included. For tickets visit



Stay for the World of Wearable Art™ Awards 2015